Fuckbook is a dating site specifically for casual encounters. Though it is for dating, it is not for finding lifetime partners. This is a review on a dating site that deals mostly with adult content and fun. We scrutinized and browsed every area of this dating platform to enlighten you on what it’s all about. Read on to see if the platform is a pure scam or anything you could dedicate your time to.

What is Fuckbook? Overview

Our analysis on Milf chat sites revealed quite a lot, especially if you’re considering giving this dating site a try. The registration process is easy and simple, but we found out that the platform is a total waste of time. The three main issues, according to our analysis, are:

We immediately started to get messages on the milf chat sites – after signing up on the dating platform, we started to get messages to form beautiful women even before completing our profile. We didn’t have to wait to purchase a membership as required to start getting these messages.

During this analysis , we noticed that most of the attractive women on the dating site were fake profiles – After signing up, we conducted a quick search to find out if the profiles were really for these women. We found out that most of these profiles belonged to other women on various adult sites. The site is a scam where they create fake profiles and lie to new users that these are real women.

The site had many advertisements for other sites – Real sites never advertise their competitor’s sites. This is to say that the site is an advertisement and not a legit site. You should therefore avoid this site at all costs!

Pros / Cons
  • Sign up process is fast and effortless
  • The interface is attractive and user-friendly
  • Affordable membership prices
  • Fetish section may be included
  • The dating site uses an entertainment profile commonly known by the letter C

Membership Base

Active Regular members: 52,000 active weekly

Gender rating: 51% men and 49% women

Relationship types: straight/heterosexual

Looking for: no strings attached, sex-based users, hookup

Area: Currently registered in Switzerland with users from the USA, Canada, U.K, and Fuckbook Australia dating sites, though it is available the world over.


There is only a little information you can learn from other site users by viewing their profiles. Member’s profiles are mostly about sex, their experiences, videos, fetishes, photos of naked bodies, and genitals. Some profiles even have snippets of porn videos.

Other member’s profiles on the site are blank. Except for user name and profile photos, there’s nothing to determine if or not they are a match. Out of ten profiles, only two looked like the owner spend time or paid regular visits from our analysis. The majority of members on the site choose to skip the profile part though it is there.

The site`s profile features that need to be filled include; occupation, ethnicity, relationship status, education, belief, lifestyle, etc. You are also free to share your interests in politics, books, arts, fetishes, and sexual kinks.

If you have anything to say about your match, you can say it on your profile. Just state your preferences in the specified fields, same as your profile.

Fuckbook does not screen members so that you may encounter a scam, or some users may catfish you. Therefore, you should be careful who you interact with and what you do on the site to avoid getting scammed.

Search Features on Fuckbook

Fuckbook dating platform has a search function that enables you to find members who match your preferences. There are numerous features you can implement to search for matches. Make use of features like member’s location, sex, photos, and even blogs and pinboards, as well as free HD movies.


When you come across someone you like when browsing on the site , you may desire to talk to them. Head on to their profile, press on the message tab, and start texting. You can also interact with other members via real-time instant messaging. You can view a list of other users you can chat with from your list of friends at the bottom-most side of your screen.

What’s the Difference Between Free VS Premium Services

Free subscription has these features:

  • Fuckbook matches members
  • You can update your Status
  • Upload Photos
  • Upload videos
  • Search partners.
  • Can see who viewed me
  • Include pinboards
  • Free registration and account creation

Premium Services

  • Limitless messages and gifts
  • No advertisements
  • You can send messages to other users
  • Enable you to comment on posts
  • Premium Badge on Karma Boost
  • Reply to other users
  • Allows users to write a blog

Does Fuckbook Have an App?

Currently, the Fuckbook dating site does not have an app but has a mobile-friendly website. Both desktop and mobile websites provide the same information and features, and the style and design are similar.


Fuckbook Australia dating site is an adult form of Facebook. It is more of a social site where members come to upload their photos, videos, or blogs for potential users to see, like, or comment. Most of the activities on the site are users looking for sexual partners in exchange for money.

The site is good for individuals looking for stress-free sexual encounters in exchange for cash. You can find an ideal partner according to your chosen preference. It is a good platform for people who would like to have fun and have sex with other members.

Though you can find a partner on Fuckbook , our analysis observed that the platform is not ideal for someone seeking a long-term relationship or searching for a serious relationship. A lot of members come here for casual sex or friends with benefits. According to our Fuckbook dating site review , you can find better sites that offer the same services at better rates and are more reliable.


Is Fuckbook a Legitimate website?

Fuckbook may have an appealing appearance, but you’ll notice that most fake profiles and messages are automated. The majority of users are not real, and finding active users is a nightmare.

Is Fuckbook free to use?

Fuckbook dating service is free and not free to some extent. You can view both the dating website and app for free and see profiles and prospective friends for free. It is also free to add and edit information on your profile.

Is Fuckbook any good?

The platform is all about pay-to-play. You should read their terms of operations and privacy policy carefully to protect you against identity theft. Never share your bank details with anyone since our review noted that the site mainly caters to sex perverts.