Online dating can open up a whole new dimension of matchmaking, with a wide variety of websites introducing a treasure trove of potential partners, and all from the comfort of home. But it is not always easy to track down a site with your specific aims in mind. When it comes to a dating site for LGBT singles, it might seem as if your options are rather limited. But according to this review, you will see that there are quite a variety of LGBT sites catering to this exclusive dating outlet.

The trick is learning to know which ones provide the best customer service as you can end up wasting a lot of time going to sites that might claim to cater to LGBT singles but do not always place enough emphasis on this exclusive service. If you check out the review of each of the sites listed below, you’ll come across a richly diverse choice of outlets that will satisfy your dating preferences.


IamNaughty is an excellent outlet for LGBT dating because it is so well put together and easy to navigate. Its image is all about offering fast and easy fun in a safe environment, and in doing so it has developed an extensive global network of individuals keen to skip the small talk and get down to naughty encounters.

The clue is in the site title! But if you take a step back and look through what this web service offers, and check out a review, you will see that there is so much more to IamNaughty then just quick results. goes to great lengths to ensure that singles are matched with someone appropriate, so if you specify that you are eager to connect with fellow LGBT singles, this aspiration will be catered for.


The concept of OneNightFriend is providing a platform for singles who are seeking opportunities for casual dates or local hook-ups, a haven where they can find everything they are looking for right at their fingertips. This is also a very open-minded website, catering to a diverse range of tests and proclivities. If you are specifically seeking single-sex, bisexual, or any other type of LGBT encounter, then you will find what you are looking for in the OneNightFriend webpages.

The site is incredibly well put-together. A well as offering dating opportunities, there are numerous LGBT-friendly sub-headings available if you browse to the foot of the homepage. OneNightFriend offers everything from gay hook-ups to lesbian matchmaking, and much more besides. You will never be judged when you sign up to become a member of this site, and as well as matchmaking there are a lot of hot dating tips for LGBT singles.


Another site dedicated to casual dating with no strings attached, browsing to the foot of the homepage will also introduce you to an incredibly diverse range of subtopics, covering everything from erotic dating to spanking, lonely housewife dating to gay hook-ups. In this respect, the gay community is more than catered for.

The website is put together in a relaxed and friendly fashion, with all the links you could need right at your fingertips. If you have previously been disappointed by the lack of LGBT openings in AU, checking out this website will set your mind at ease.


Known as one of Australia’s largest and most popular dating site for meeting like-minded singles, RSVP has many admiral qualities. As well as providing a safe environment for people of every gender and sexual inclination, it covers local singles dating in Australia, touching base in every major city, from Sydney to Darwin, Brisbane to Perth. The site support is excellent and you will always be made to feel most welcome if you decide to check out the possibilities on RSVP.

It is very easy to initiate conversations here. Once you have chosen your ideal single amongst the many listed, you can send them a wink, and informal way of letting them know somebody is interested in getting to know them better. If your interest is reciprocated, then you are good to go!

How does LGBT Dating work?

LGBT dating is all about providing a safe and secure environment for singles matching, a venue where they can relax and feel confident that the individuals they meet will always be on the same wavelength.

How to choose the best LGBT dating site in Australia?

The easiest way to select the most appropriate sites in Australia is to refer to a review outlet such as this one. We’ll point you in the direction of dating you can rely on. If you have previously been disappointed by what has been on offer in more generic sites, you are in for a treat once you put your trust in any of the AU dating outlets recommended here.

Pros and Cons of Dating an LGBT


  • The LGBT community is vibrant and creative. If you find yourself in a relationship, be prepared to be wowed by a partner who may well introduce you to wonderful new experiences, like music or dance festivals.
  • When you connect with an interesting and exciting single on a dating site, you have every chance of finding a valuable friend as well as a passionate lover. Singles who resort to this dating in Australia tend to do so because they are eager to give 100% to the relationship they discover there.


  • You can face certain restrictions in terms of your choice of outlets if you’re looking for gay-friendly date destinations.
  • There are still simmering prejudices just below the surface in so many areas of society in Australia – be prepared to develop a thicker skin in certain areas.

LGBT Dating Stereotypes

Many preconceptions are surrounding the community. If you aren’t part of this stratum of society, you might have an image of what a ‘typical’ gay, bisexual, lesbian, or trans individual might look like, or act like. It would be important to put these thoughts to one side. Get one thing right from the outset: LGBT singles do not like being stereotyped!

Online Dating Advice for LGBT

Take your time browsing through the profiles you come across on LGBT dating sites. The individuals are likely to have put some thought into stressing the type of relationship they are hoping to embark on. Here you’ll come across all sorts of three-dimensional and often complex characters. They gravitate to LGBT sites because they’ll most likely have read the same positive review as you, and will be keen to find their perfect match.

Finding Your LGBT Love Online

To summarize, the ideal dating outlet for LGBT singles is merely a few taps of your keyboard away. Whether you’re seeking a local partner for NSA LGBT hook-ups, or you might have your sights set on something longer-term, you’ll find someone on your wavelength if you take a little time to get acquainted with the other members of your favourite site.