The phrase casual dating may be synonymous with promiscuity in certain circles. But that’s far from the truth. Casual dating websites bring together people who need less drama in their lives, brought about by dysfunctional relationships. If you are tired of the hullabaloo that comes with barhopping or matchmaking through mutual friends, our experts have compiled a healthy review for you. These casual dating sites encompass secure messaging, easily navigated platforms, and fully detailed personals.

If you are located in AU and looking for casual dating partners, peruse our review of top-notch matchmaking sites you can join locally.


With messaging options galore, this site is perfect for engaging cute, like-minded Aussies from the comfort of your home. The site caters to people from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ community. Don’t risk your health trying to find someone for casual dating in bars or nightclubs. Unlike dive bars, online dating sites have safety in mind. is one of such websites.

Here, you can chat with real people for intimate fun, not BOTS looking to scam you of your hard-earned cash. Find Aussies seeking casual dating without discrimination or stigma. Online platforms like BeNaughty are not only secure; they attract friendly and like-minded crowds. Why waste time in dingy bars, possibly contracting diseases and ruining your rep? Join this site for all sorts of raunchy encounters.


This casual dating site has thousands of users located in Australia – 50 thousands to be precise. If these numbers don’t entice you enough to join, what about the free-to-join and browse option? You can register for free and use a non-paying account to search for single, adult women looking for sex in your area. Signing up is easy on, and so is finding someone.

It takes less than five minutes to complete your profile on NaughtyDate, and you are on your way to mind-blowing casual dating. Most online daters are on-the-go. It is okay because the site developers have on-the-go users in mind. Their site is optimized for mobile platforms, so you can find someone in AU living next to you as you jog past their house.


For our more mature crowd, we suggest joining this site to find like-minded peers. Here, you won’t run into thrill-seekers to waste your time. The site’s only objective is to connect older people seeking partners for casual encounters within proximity. is a safe platform to message members you are attracted to. Senior members who feel overwhelmed using websites will be glad to use this site. Not only is it easy to use, but this website also has clear visuals, and the mobile version is user-friendly.

Mature people seeking casual dating join these sites for peace of mind. The profiles are vetted before approval, meaning you get to enjoy chatting with real members nearby, not BOTS. It is also easy to connect with someone on WantMatures without having to break the bank. They have a basic membership option.


As the name suggests, there is plenty of flirtatious and naughty banter going on within Many websites promise yet don’t deliver; this isn’t one of them. If you seek casual dating with no strings attached, this site accommodates all of that and more. Get to peruse the sexiest personals you can find on the web, and if you happen to be in Australia, there are approximately 80,000 members to chat with.

Looking for like-minded people for intimate fun is safe too. Because this site prioritizes encrypting messaging, your kinky messages are kept confidential. It means as you engage others in chatrooms, you can open up to your heart’s content, let go of inhibitions and find a lovely lass or hunky dude on Flirt.


Do you know how naughty and freaky you can be on this platform’s HTTP secure chatrooms? Also, if you can’t find personals that captivate you here, you are doing something wrong. There are countless sexy pics and photos of ready to mingle singles on this site. Users on this online dating site are below the age of 35. It makes for a heavy pool of young, fun-seeking people to choose from.

As long as you are young and naughty, you can engage others with a free account. Unlike most sites claiming to connect people, users actually find sexy partners for intimate nights more than once. It takes a few minutes to set up a profile on, and you will be connected almost instantly. While on the go, IamNaughty sends you notifications to your email. You can respond to someone while perusing on your mobile and meet them in no time within your neighborhood.

How to Choose the Best Casual Dating Site in Australia

Before pulling out a club card to pay for a membership on an online dating site, here’s how to select the best one.

  • If you google the site you wish to join, it may not open up in your area. Certain sites are restricted geographically. Managing to open them on VPNs and such networks means you won’t meet any real people in your vicinity. It is better to select site like eHarmony to get connected instantly.
  • Check out the credibility of the site you wish to join – not its popularity. Some websites are popular due to fake accounts boosting their rankings. Read a review like this one to know which sites to pay close attention to.
  • Finally, if you are looking for casual dating, why join a site popular for connecting marriage-oriented people? Find a site that caters to your needs. Choose it based on your preferences, e.g. BBW, gay and lesbian, Black dating only, or free-to-join.

Casual Dating Pros and Cons – More Ticks or Minuses?


  • It takes away the element of commitment, facilitating instant gratification.
  • Plenty of people want the same; it isn’t hard finding similar-minded hookups. 
  • Most sites offer optimized sites or apps. No excuse for dry spells, even on the move. 
  • Decide who you want to sleep with, when and more importantly, how.


  • Not everyone is clean – diseases are still out there. 
  • Lack of emotional connections can lead to low self-esteem with time. 

Who Joins Casual Dating Sites?

Fun-loving men and women seeking pleasures of the flesh, with no strings attached.

  • The same ladies you would meet at a bar, but you wouldn’t know their desires till much later. These ladies join these sites to loosen up, get uninhibited, and fulfill sexual fantasies. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, these sites don’t attract losers. A majority of the members are professionals with little time to go barhopping to find a mate. These sites provide anonymity while reducing stress related to finding a partner and disclosing your needs to them. 
  • Many youngsters are either shy. These sites provide discretion while taking away the burden of courting young lasses for months before getting any. 

Casual Online Dating Tips

  1. Mind your business. Join one site, and focus on what you are looking for, what other people desire in none of your business. Judging others and malice are not welcomed on these sites.
  2. Casual dating is ALL about physical attributes. Grab your smartphone, digital camera, or a professional if you have to – upload sexy pics to your profile and instantly grab the attention of nearby locals.
  3. Of utmost importance, please stay safe, on, and offline. Once you are sure you want to link up with some eye candy online, drag someone along for the first rendezvous.

Bottom Line

Reach out to people as soon as possible to deter another dry spell. You deserve more than an occasional wink. Take it online and get yourself a hunky or cute partner in your vicinity to quench your sexual appetite. Try for free today to get a hookup tonight.