If having problems finding a partner in Sunshine Coast, AU, then be worried no more! With online dating sites in Sunshine Coast, you will find all the action possible in no time! Simply look for the best online dating site that matches your needs and all of the Sunshine Coast will be your love nest.

How? Well, here is a review of the top 5 Sunshine Coast online dating sites to ease your love woes immediately.

Top 5 Sunshine Coast dating sites

While there are plenty of dating sites in Australia, only a few will actually get you a Sunshine Coast hook up action. Many of those are famous dating sites, and you can’t miss them. All of them have some particular perks, and after reading this review you can choose your favorite one and start looking for Sunshine Coast singles right away!


Having globally popular dating sites in your country is an amazing advantage that should be exploited daily! The NaughtyDate is definitely one of those cites and it currently provides a service to more than 300.000 singles in Australia!

Looking for Sunshine Coast singles with NaughtyDate will cost no money, as the registration is completely free. However, the free account version will have certain limitations, and after you start getting hooked up on all the action, you will want more. Naturally, a subscription is highly recommended if you want to utilize NaughtyDate on Sunshine Coast to the fullest.

This dating site works pretty much like most of the sites of this nature – the registration is free, you create a profile by adding info and a photo of yourself, you start finding matches, and have a little fun in the evening. The difference with NaughtyDate is that it’s swarming with singles in Sunshine Coast, and this variety is really what everyone hopes for.

Some cool features that are included are Flirtcast and Winks, which serve as facilitators in starting a conversation. The rest is easy.


Together2night is one extremely popular dating site in English-speaking countries – Australia, UK, Canada, and the US. Although there are no funny and innovative features (Together2night is a hard-core traditional dating site), the service it provides is impeccable.

Naturally, one will have to pay for such a service because success is guaranteed here. Finding a Sunshine Coast hook up is a piece of cake. This is all thanks to a fantastic matchmaking algorithm that will provide the best options of your liking. 

Another reason why Together2night is so popular is the users’ preferences in dating. This dating site attracts young and lustful singles in Sunshine Coast and matching with them almost certainly means some hot action.

The flirting experience is enriched with an amazing interface, easy to use options, colorful and interesting profiles, and some traditionally useful features like having ‘Favorites’ and sharing files.


This is one of the dating sites you have probably heard of! The BeNaughty is kind of combination of the previous two – there is a possibility of free use like with NaughtyDate, and the majority of users are simply hook-up-oriented like the Together2night. Quite a good combination, especially for girls.

It might seem strange, but this site is completely free with all the features available for girls only! And that is completely reasonable because girls will be attracted to the free option of a fantastic dating site, and boys will know that a lot of girls will be there, therefore they are willing to pay for full features to get started.

Be that as it may, the free version is available for men as well, but with certain limitations.

Regardless, there are over a million users in Australia alone, and Sunshine Coast is just another city that offers singles for a good time.

Cool features include:

  • Reverse search algorithm that will find profiles similar to yours for a better connection,
  • Sending gifts,
  • Mobile app,
  • Video chatting,


Oasis is one of those dating sites that you know will not bother with fake profiles. And as being such, its popularity grows every day. The Oasis personnel is in charge of profile authenticity, not some machine or, even worse, nobody! So you can rest assured that real Sunshine Coast singles will want to chat with you.

What does bother its users is the constant ad bombardment. For those who don’t care, this will be a great dating site for a Sunshine Coast hook up.

Naturally, if you find so many ads, you know that the service is free. And this is true to some extent. While the registration and basic use are free, the full version is available with subscriptions. Regardless, thousands of profiles are available in each city in Australia, Sunshine Coast included.


  • Free registration and basic use,
  • Proximity filter search,
  • Notifications for profile activity,
  • Oasis mobile app.

Red Hot Pie

The final online dating service from Australia on this review list is the Red Hot Pie – a swingers paradise! The main service this site provides is for group activities, that is, for couples who are looking to spice up their love life with other couples.

Of course, the more traditional one-on-one action is to be found as well, and it could be found in plenty with over 2 million users in Australia alone! You remember the saying ‘There’s plenty of fish in the sea’? Well, this online dating site represents just that!

Best features are:

  • Facebook log in,
  • Free registration,
  • Both singles and couples present seeking some fun,
  • A great selection at your disposal.

Free dating sites in Sunshine Coast

As you may have noticed already, most of the sites are not for free. There are some free dating sites, but their usefulness is quite debatable. Often you will find fake profiles and no action at all, and that is what puts people off of online dating.

To avoid that, you can use BeNaughty and NaughtyDate from this review list and their free account option. It’s safe and certain!

Why try online dating in Sunshine Coast

A plethora of reasons why Sunshine Coast online dating should be your priority. Just some of them are:

  • It’s easy and fun,
  • You can find anything and everything,
  • A wide range of people available,
  • Either free or cheap,
  • Easy casual encounters.

How to choose Best Dating Site in Sunshine Coast?

Any of the five dating sites from this review list will do great. If you want to see others, you can search for more options on the Internet.


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Alternative Sunshine Coast Dating Ideas to find a partner

  1. Check out some nightclubs such as Solbar and Old Soul. Nightlife is always a good bet.
  2. Asian cooking classes at Spirit House attract many young food aficionados in Sunshine Coast.
  3. Speaking of food, the beach has some great finger foods and you can share them with singles on the spot.
  4. Sports bars are always fun, with classic social games to show off. Check out Caloundra RSL or Duporth Tavern.
  5. Or simply take your crazy friends and fool around the city. Crazy people attract crazy people.

Things foreigners need to know before dating in Sunshine Coast

  • Just by being a foreigner doesn’t necessarily mean that hook up is guaranteed.
  • Sunshine Coast residents are an easy-going bunch. Don’t overdo it.
  • Stay away from taken blokes and sheilas.
  • Check out some online dating sites to pre-find some action.

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