What Is Russianbrides? Overview

Pros / Cons
  • The russian dating sites are very user-friendly, the interface is straightforward and easy to use, and it can be operated in different languages
  • There are a lot of features which are very useful to you
  • Since the site is made up of many women, it is ideal for men to select women based on preferences and tastes
  • Most of the profiles on Russianbrides are verified and authenticated to get rid of any fake individuals on the site
  • There are absolutely the best security features on the site
  • Even though the site maintains high-security standards, there have been reports of suspicious activities
  • Not most of the features and functionalities are free for the members

Membership Base

Russianbrides receives more than 90,000 active users every week, with most of the top visitors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The dating site, therefore, has thousands of Ukrainian and Russian women looking for foreign men whom they can chat with, mingle and get into a serious relationship leading to marriage. The site is made up of many older men and a large number of younger women, which depicts that older men are looking to marry younger wives. Due to the nature of the dating site, all the site members seek serious relationships that lead to marriage.


The sign-up experience will fascinate you and is fairly easy and quick. The beauty of this site is that you can sign up using your Google account instead of having to input every detail on the sign-up forms. Therefore, all the information is derived from google for verification. Additionally, you can choose to sign up via email with details relating to location, username, email address, location, and other details.

When it comes to verification, there is no standard way f verifying the email, location, and other details about new users, which can pose a problem. All the details are, however, not mandatory as they can be changed at a later date. Overall, it is a very easy and straightforward process that can’t take even five minutes of your time.

Search Features on Russianbrides

Russianbrides provides the users with unique search features to help in finding and meeting the perfect match. Therefore, the following search filters are applied when undertaking the process; location, age, country, gender, online singles, interests and hobbies, available individuals for video chat, and body-based features such as height, eyes, and hair others.


According to my experience using the site, sending messages is easy and effortless. When you create your profile, Russianbrides then connects you to many types and kinds of members based on your preferences, life passions, and tastes. Therefore, when you find someone you are interested in; you can send a direct message using the chat box provided by the website. There is also flirting, which you can use as an icebreaker to begin a serious conversation.

Apart from this feature, here is a live chat function where you refill credit and chat with women and girls of your preference. Once the credit runs out, you need to refill it and continue with the conversations. The mingling option is another messaging feature that lets you draft a short message and send it to thousands of matching profiles on the site. This can be a good icebreaker to begin conversations with multiple individuals.

Free Vs Premium Membership Packages

The Russianbrides dating site provides several features and services. Some features are free while others are paid. For the free features, the users enjoy; free registration, send 3 offline messages to selected 10 users for free, access an introductory email for free, and use the mingle function once every 24 hours. On the other hand, the paid features are; unlimited text and video chatting with other users, you can send an unlimited number of messages and emails to other users on the dating site, you can use the mingle function as you like, and there are discounts on all the paid packages you will receive.

Russianbrides Mobile App

Unfortunately, Russianbrides Australia does not have a mobile application for any platform. However, if you don’t have a computer or a laptop or are tired of using the version on the devices, you can access Russianbrides on your phone browser. Just as there is an optimized desktop version of the application, you can also use that on your smartphone. Even though both the desktop and mobile versions are similar, the mobile version looks more compact and dense.


Russianbrides Australia is one of the many dating sites meant for serious Russian and Ukrainian origins to find foreign men for long-term dating. However, there are some issues which the site needs to look into, such as the security of the dating site. With huge investments in security, there are numerous fake profiles, and there have been numerous complaints of fake operators too may impersonate attractive female users. At the end of the day, you need to do as a man is to make sure that you don’t trust anyone with personal information from the site until you have met, gone on several dates, and agreed to a date for the long term. Another drawback is the mobile application which has not yet been developed for the users. Finally, this may not be the site for you for men who do not want to date Russian and Ukrainian women. However, you can read and check the numerous user reviews online if you want to try it.


Is Russianbrides a legitimate website?

Yes. The dating site is specifically meant for Russian and Ukrainian women and is fully functional.

Is Russianbrides free to use?

Not entirely. Users can access a wide variety of free features, including registration to the profile and sending some messages. However, the premium membership offers unlimited messaging and other features you will enjoy for full dating website use.

Is Russianbrides any good?

From the previous reviews, there are some positive reviews and comments and negative comments about the dating site. This all depicts the satisfaction levels of the users. Overall, it is an average dating site since it focuses on two groups of women.