Make the most of your Australian online dating adventures, and review the best that interest flirting has to offer with our RSVP review (2020).

What Is RSVP?

Pros / Cons
  • One of the biggest Aussie date sites
  • Fast registration process
  • DateHub includes resources like events and topics
  • Kisses are free to send to the members
  • The user base is responsive to messages
  • Free app download for iOS and Android
  • Around 1,200 new members joining per week
  • Lack of clarity can lead to mismatches between singles seeking different kinds of relationships
  • Vague personal details
  • Members rated on their reply rate
  • The usefulness of the site is dependent on how much you use it
  • Stamps must be purchased to access most features
  • Complex pricing structure
  • No discounted stamp rates for ongoing message threads

Membership Base

The member base of RSVP is a mixed bag, with most daters on the site over the age of 25. Anybody can join, but it can be hit and miss since RSVP doesn’t cater to a specific type of relationship. So, it isn’t easy to know whether you end up chatting with members looking for commitment and marriage when you are seeking casual flirting and dates.

RSVP does cater to gay relationships but is primarily for heterosexual matches so that you might have more success in a more dedicated site for gay singles.

It’s a shame that the site has no option for bisexual dating for singles, given the size of the platform we had hoped to find that this was a little more inclusive.


When we created our profile as part of our RSVP review, we were encouraged to link a Facebook page, on the premise that this would make completing profile information quicker, and result in a higher verification rate, so more singles would be able to chat with us.

This means that for users who wish to keep their date life and social networking separate, you’ll need to complete the information manually, and it felt like we were being penalised for not allowing RSVP open access to our private Facebook date.

Once you have registered, you can start using the site right away, although you need to buy stamps to be able to use most of the functions.

Search Features for Members on

The RSVP online dating site has different options for finding matches with all sorts of members. However, you need to be aware that if you only use the site occasionally, you will receive minimal matches and will not appear high in any search results.

Our RSVP Australia review found that this works both ways – for people who are highly active and have lots of time to spend online, they will receive more matches, more messages and more connections with other members.

However, if you’re looking to browse occasionally and only contact members who catch your eye, you will find that the functionality restricts the value you will receive from the site.

The matchmaking algorithm will automatically suggest people who they think meets your criteria. You can also fill in a section called ‘Ideal Partner’ as well as deal breakers, so you don’t find any matches with members who fall into a category which you are not interested in.


Kisses are like an icebreaker, and you can send these for free, but to start messaging, you must purchase stamps, as all messaging is a premium service.

Unfortunately, there is no video or audio chat, so you are limited to text messaging to try and make a great first impression to the members. When you have purchased stamps and started messaging, your inbox will be monitored and ranked, so if you don’t reply quickly, you may find that your matches decrease in volume.

That means that if you wish to use RSVP successfully, you will need to be willing to regularly buy stamps to be able to keep sending messages, and need to respond quickly.

RSVP Pricing

There are two elements to the RSVP cost – buying stamps and upgrading to a premium(rsvip) account. You can do one or the other, or combine both, but whether it is worth the additional cost will depend on the functionality you wish to use:

Free vs Premium

Free services:

  • Downloading the app
  • Sending kisses to members
  • Running a filter
  • Creating your account

Paid services:

  • Advanced searches
  • Full page visibility
  • Sending messages
  • Using the live chat function

There isn’t a great deal you can do apart from sending likes with a free account, so if you decide to register with RSVP, you will have to be prepared to buy stamps or upgrade to a premium account.


The RSVP app can be downloaded for iOS or Android and works pretty much the same as the RSVP Australia desktop site. You’ll find the same functions and tools but will need to have your login details to hand.


During our RSVP reviews in Australia, we were disappointed with the lack of free functionality, and that you are forced to pay for stamps to be able to send even an introductory message.

The ranking system does work in a way, to promote regular daters, but this also means that the RSVP cost is unlikely to be justified for anybody new to online dating, or who isn’t expecting to be able to log in every day.

You’ll find a broad membership base, but watch out for spam accounts – the rankings system means that somebody who buys a lot of stamps and replies quickly to messages can rank very well, and yet not be a verified person, so it’s best to be cautious about who you spend your stamps on.