Is Oasis still one of the top dating sites in Australia? How does free functionality compare with premium internet dating? Find out today!

What Is Oasis Active?

Pros / Cons
  • Completely free of charge
  • Active user base, with 2.4 visits per month in AU
  • It takes only a couple of minutes to create a profile
  • Chat rooms available
  • Search functions and matches
  • Easy to add photos from Facebook
  • Access to international users
  • Young user base, with 70% 18-35 so suited to a specific age group
  • Lots of fake accounts
  • Lack of privacy with all users being able to search throughout the website
  • Multiple ads that can be removed with a premium account
  • Multiple spam messages and scammers
  • Minimal security
  • Lack of specific relationship types, so minimal use for finding relationships

Membership Base

Oasis Active is mainly used by teens and younger adults and is open to any networks, including friendship, casual hookups, and romance and dating. This does mean that it is tough to use the site successfully to find a meaningful date, as most users are spending their free time chatting and browsing online rather than looking for a real dating opportunity.

The site is also split 65% men and 35% women, and given how easy it is to create an account, a new female member can be bombarded with messages – many of them spam and fake accounts!


Oasis Active profiles dating are reasonably good quality for a free platform. However, you need to be conscious of how many spam accounts there are, so don’t share any personal information with anybody that you talk with on the site!

Account pictures are visible to everybody, and you can make some of your photos private if you don’t want them to be publically accessible.

It is optional whether you fill in your page information, and sign up takes about 1-2 minutes, so while some users take the time to fill in lots of information, other accounts are entirely blank.

Search Features on Oasis Active

The search features cover all of the website, so if you don’t want to be contacted by people you aren’t interested in, the best solution is to change your Seeking Criteria tab to restrict the ability of anybody to message you who doesn’t match your criteria.

To find singles, you can search by any of your page criteria including appearance, personality and lifestyle. However, many Oasis Active members don’t fill this out in much detail, so you might find that your searches don’t deliver any results.

Anybody can run a search for free, and send you a message so if you don’t wish to chat with people online without checking their page first; then you’ll need to keep a close eye on your security settings.

Given the free and public nature of the site, it is worth being careful about what information you choose to share in your account as anybody can search for you, and view your information online.


Our Oasis Active review threw up a few concerns around messaging, and it is common to receive unwanted messages, as this function is free and open to all users. Most members are teenagers and younger adults, so for a single adult person looking for romance or hookups, you might find yourself spending a lot of time filtering through your inbox!

Anybody can send messages to any other user, whether they have found you through a search, have looked through your page, or have found your account through a photo you have posted.

Oasis Active Pricing

During our Oasis Active dating site review, we found that it is possible to upgrade your account:

  • Ad-free subscription $5.45 per month
  • Shoutout subscription $5.45 per month

Free vs Premium

Oasis Active is one of those free dating sites, where there are optional extras you can choose for an upgrade fee:

Free services

  • Registering and creating your account
  • Running searches
  • Sending messages
  • Viewing other users

Premium services

  • Removing adverts
  • Using shoutouts

It is unlikely to be worth choosing to upgrade unless you are finding the advertising very frustrating. The only feature you get with the Shoutout upgrade is this tool, which allows you to send a pre-set message to 1,000 members.

Given that you can search and message for free, this isn’t likely to be useful.

Oasis Active App

Oasis Active mobile works precisely the same as the desktop version and allows swiping to indicate a positive or negative response to a potential match.

There are no new features or functions on the app, so whether or not you choose to download it is a matter of convenience and how you prefer to send messages and view users.


Given that Oasis Active dating is free, this seems like an excellent opportunity to find new singles, and having free messaging and searches felt like an exciting option! However, as our Oasis dating review found, there is a downside to this functionality.

The site is full of spam accounts, and because there are no security settings or screening processes, you can quickly become overwhelmed with messages from users who have fake profiles, stock images rather than genuine pictures, and have no intention of meeting real people or finding dates.

As a way for young users and teenagers to talk online with their friends and enjoy a little interest flirting, Oasis Active works perfectly. As a serious dating website to help singles meet new connections, find dates and connect with hookups – not such much.