It is sometimes difficult to catch up with singles in Hobart as the youth in Australia is quite unpredictable in recent times. Where do they go? What do they like? Where to meet them? If only there was a place where you can find all of the Hobart singles and it is possible to get to know them with ease…

Wait a minute, those are online dating sites! Hobart online dating services provide all the convenience one needs to find their future partner or at least a fling. If you live in Hobart, AU then dating sites are your thing!

Here is a quick review of the best Hobart online dating sites.

Top 5 Hobart dating sites

The selection of dating sites in Australia is immense, and while most of them will serve their purpose, not every will be useful or even real. To ease your woes, here are some dating sites that will definitely bring joy to your love life. Check this review list and choose the one you like.


You must have come across the NaughtyDate name while surfing on the Internet or enjoying some free time on your social networks. It’s because this service is one of the best dating sites in the world, Australia included, and lots of ads are present as a consequence.

As there are tens of thousands of people from Australia using this service, you will definitely find many familiar faces of Hobart singles here. The registration is free so you can find a Hobart hook up without spending a single dime. However, a free version is feature-limited, and to unlock the NaughtyDate’s full potential, you will have to subscribe.

Finding singles in Hobart is quick and easy, and getting a date with them is even easier. This is thanks to available facilitating features, such as Flirtcasts and Winks, which you can use as ice-breakers to start flirting.


The name Together2night really goes with the reputation of this dating service. Finding a Hobart hook up is certain because this site is oriented to provide the best options for flings and casual dating. And being such, it is no wonder why so many people from Hobart, and the rest of Australia, choose this service.

Unlike NaughtyDate, this dating service does not have a free account option, and subscriptions are mandatory. Be that as it may, the fees are not unreasonable, and spending a few quid on a certain hot action is a good investment.

User subscriptions don’t go to waste, as the site is constantly updated, providing good customer service, a user-friendly interface, and interesting profiles.


BeNaughty is more or less similar to the NaughtyDate dating service in terms of free account use and the innuendo in the name – and yes, it is true, most of the users on this service are naughty!

Finding Hobart singles will not be a problem as there are over a million and more users seeking their passionate partners here. What’s interesting is that the ladies have completely free full account features, while blokes have to subscribe to them. A free version is available as well, but with some limitations.

The popularity is supported by:

  • Smartphone app,
  • Video chatting,
  • Sending gifts,
  • Reverse search (finding profiles similar to you),
  • And many more.


One of the Australian-based dating sites will definitely be popular in Hobart, AU, and many dating activities can be found here.

The positive aspects of this online dating service are:

  • free registration and profile creations (with limitations unless subscribed),
  • account authenticity is being checked by the Oasis team, not the machine (this way the number of fake profiles is enormously dropped),
  • Useful profile notifications (such as matching, someone looking at your profile, and so on).
  • Advanced search options (like areal proximity filter),
  • Moblie Oasis app.

The main disadvantage is definitely the number of ads present. As most of the users are using the free version, the site is looking to earn some cash through advertisement.

Red Hot Pie

The last pick on this review list is an interesting one. The Red Hot Pie dating service is mainly a swingers community but there are, of course, regular one-on-one offers. With over 2 million users in Australia alone, the quality of this dating site should be of no question.

For every Hobart resident who wants to try something new and fun, this is the place to go to. Especially couples and married sweethearts.

The advantages of the Red Hot Pie are:

  • Both single and couple options,
  • Free registration,
  • Lots of profiles to choose from,
  • Facebook log in,
  • And much more.

Free Dating sites in Hobart

It can be seen that some of the dating sites are free, some are both free and paid (limitations with free accounts, full-on features with paid accounts), and some are paid only. In case you are looking for a safe and fun free dating in Hobart, then BeNaughty and NaughtyDate are your best options. Although they have limitations for free accounts, they can be utilized just fine, and with a plethora of users available, a hot passionate night is right behind the corner.

Why choose Online Dating in Hobart

  • A variety of options.
  • It’s fun, easy, and convenient.
  • High-probability of getting a hot date.
  • Different needs and desires are met.
  • Meet people anytime.
  • No need to spend much while hunting.

How to choose Best Dating Site in Hobart?

Pretty simple – just choose any one from this review list and you will be quite happy. If you want more options to check go to: – your reviewer of dating sites in Australia serves as a complete dating sites guide which you can use to find the best Hobart online dating options. Read, compare, and choose your pick.

Hobart Dating Ideas for traditional dates

  • Cruising – although it might seem a bit too much for the first date, some more romantic souls will find this gesture incredibly irresistible. If you find such a person on one of the dating sites, this is your thing to do.
  • Eating out – taking your date for a nice hot meal, or some interesting Tasmanian food will never be out of fashion. There are lots of great restaurants to visit in Hobart and surrounding areas. Grab something to eat, have some wine, and make your night memorable.
  • Explore together – this area is incredibly beautiful, with much romantic scenery. Even if you have seen it all, have a picnic or a ride somewhere together.
  • Spend a night somewhere else – if you do some or all of the things above, a fun night is in store. You don’t have to back to the same old place as always – book some of the hotels, wilderness cottages, or anything of the kind. Spice things up a little.

Things you may need to know before dating in Hobart

  • Although the area is wild, people are not. Be normal, civilized, and a bit romantic, take it easy.
  • A majority of people are having a tough time. Be careful when choosing between a fling and a relationship.
  • The younger generation though will go to a party anytime! Find some cool places and create some new ideas for having fun.
  • Finding out about a person before a date is always a good idea. Check out the dating sites to see what people are like before meeting them in person.

Meet singles in Hobart Today

All in all, finding singles in Hobart has never been easier, and by using online dating sites you will help yourself immensely when trying to find a partner of any kind.

Use this review, find your favorite dating site, have some fun, and enjoy life.