Dating for Cougar singles in AU is such a vibrant community. So many embrace the wonders of online dating that if you are a young cub eager to get to know one of these sensual older females, the only hurdle you need to cross is deciding which of the many fantastic sites you should think of joining.

We have undertaken a review of the best sites for cougar romance, providing an overview of what you can expect once you have registered with any of these outlets. Each of these will present the most palatable aspects of the cougar resource, offering suggestions about why you should choose this particular lesbian cougar site over any others.


WantMatures is a senior singles dating site you should consider if you are hoping to get acquainted with older women for fun and romance. The moment you begin browsing through the personals on this website you will be impressed by the clean and user-friendly navigation on offer.

If you scroll to the foot of the homepage you will see the most popular pages listed as a series of hyperlinks. The headings speak for themselves. Senior chat. Mature dating in Australia. Dating after 50. Mature chat rooms. Mature Asian dating. Older women looking for a younger man.

There is a common preconception around Australia that once women reach a certain age they lose interest in any romantic aspirations. This is complete nonsense, and any younger guy who is eager to discover the delights of cougar romance will quickly find himself swept off his feet once they interact with the fabulous site users on WantMatures.

As our review revealed, the beauty of relying on a site such as WantMatures is that you have a captive audience. Unlike some of the more generic websites appealing to Australian singles, where you are never quite sure about the motivations of other site users, you can be guaranteed everyone who has uploaded their profile to this site has done so for a reason. They are all keen to embark on hot cougar relationships in their neighbourhood and want their details to be noticed by charming younger men who will feel compelled to get in touch.


This is an excellent cougar dating site that will provide you with all the background information you could require when it comes to interacting with hospitable older women. If you are a mature single who has perhaps had less access to Internet dating because you have previously been involved in a stable relationship in Australia, perhaps you might feel a little out of touch with some of the messaging methods that are now available in the virtual environment.

If you check out the blog heading at the foot of our homepage, you can click on this to gain access to a treasure trove of information. For instance, here you can discover safe topics of conversation for your first date when you are seeking a younger guy. There is also an emoji glossary for sex, meaning that you can inject your text with all the latest naughty icons!


Look no further than our review of FlirtyMature if you would like to embark on casual cougar relationships. This website is dedicated to adult affair dating and presents a well-structured and easily-navigable interface to users.

All the younger guys who have already uploaded their contact details to FlirtyMature have done so because they are keen to connect with a delectable older woman. If you feel that you would fit the bill, then all you have to do is sift through the personals, keeping an eye out for younger guys who particularly attract your attention.

As with any Australian cougar site, there will be a secure communication channel that is designed to make it as relaxing and comfortable as possible to instigate online chat. This is where you can develop a strong rapport with whichever one of the young cubs has most caught your eye. Soon there will be sparks of chemistry kindling your passion.


Flirt has got to be one of the best sites you could come across when it comes to searching for cougar dates. All you have to do is take a glance at the headings along the top of the homepage. The first drop-down menu allows you to choose from single women, single men, gay, lesbian, mature, Asian, or black dating, or ‘all categories.’

If you select the mature dating option you will go straight to that area of the website. Within this subheading, there are numerous popular searches for you to alight on. Here is a cross-section of some of the titles you could choose from: Dating after 50, Dating after 60, Sugar mummy hook-ups, and so on.

How does Cougar Dating work?

Dating for cougar singles in Australia is most effective when the sites involved are dedicated to this form of age-gap dating. You could take your chances on a more generic site, but if you sign up to any one of the best dating sites for cougar romance we have outlined, you’ll have a much better chance of interacting with other site users who are on the same wavelength.

How to choose the best Cougar dating site in Australia?

Check out the sites that we have recommended, but always be aware that much as any of these would represent the perfect arena for cougar dating, they are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are many similar sites where a review would reveal multiple opportunities for meeting sensual older women.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Cougar


  • Cougars are inevitably vivacious older women who love spoiling their cubs. They will most likely have attained top levels in their profession, or may well have gained access to funds divided during a divorce or separation. Prepare to be the well-remunerated plaything of a delightful sugar mommy. This could scarcely be referred to as a dilemma!
  • These mature Australian ladies are experienced in every way – it will be up to you to keep up with their demands!


  • Sensual older women know exactly what they want from a romance. If you can’t keep up, they’ll quickly look elsewhere.

Online Dating Advice for Cougars

Always be honest and aboveboard when you’re compiling your dating profile and exchanging messages. Never try to pull the wool over your cougar lover’s eyes.

Cougar Dating Stereotypes

Cougars are far from being desperate older women who will throw themselves at younger AU guys. Far from it. They will have exacting standards, and it is more likely to be the younger guy who finds himself drawn to these wonderful older women, like moths to a flame.

Finding Your Cougar Love Online

You could easily pop ‘cougar dating’ into your search engine and seek a review or two, but this has become such a popular area of dating in Australia, you’d find yourself spoiled for choice. Far better to rely on the best dating sites for cougar relationships recommended here.