We review Furry dating sites and list the most reliable ones. Here are some platforms where Australians can meet furries of all kinds.

Whether you are seeking Furry dates for fun or meaningful relationships, online dating provides a safe place to connect. Anyone interested in this community has a chance to explore their feelings online and meet local fursonas.

Below you’ll find the top four sites where you can meet furries in AU. These websites are efficient and safe when it comes to furry dating.


ClickAndFlirt.com is the ideal site for adventurous furry hearts who want to find love, long-lasting relationships, and romance. With lots of members always online looking for a fursona to pet, this website is ideal for finding furries.

  • The site has numerous filtering options to help you find compatible dates
  • Allows you to create a private chatroom and chat in the lobby
  • Has effective functionality
  • The platform has a large audience from Australia

The Furry community at ClickAndFlirt.com loves dressing up as fluffy animals and find local men and women for quirky fun. The platform comes with a range of features that help users clarify which type of Fury they want to meet. Whether you’re seeking skinny or plump furries, there is someone for everyone.

ClickAndFlirt’s chatrooms are designed to quench the thirst of those who want to connect with the Furry community. You can be flirty or naughty when you join a chat room that you like. You can also use a webcam to flirt and chat with Furries near you.

Most importantly, the site safeguards your personal information when you register an account on their platform. That means you can stay anonymous when you’re chatting and flirting with other members.


With more than 30 million users, be2 is among the reputable sites to find furries through their customized fursona. The platform has loads of furries from different states. So, if you would like to join the fastest growing Furry community, you should consider joining be2.

  • Unique matchup algorithm that gives users returns based on personality traits
  • Mobile app available for users with iOS and Android devices
  • The site has efficient messaging features
  • Allows you to search for matches based on multiple dating criteria

When you activate the Be2 Index feature, it allows you to evaluate the percentage of perfect compatibility with other users on the platform. Before register an account at be2, you have to select your sexual orientation and sex.

Be2.com is among the leading sites that accept all sexual orientations. So all kinds of Furries who are seeking furred fun and thrilling adventures will find someone who suits their needs here.

The best part is: Our be2 review found that be2 protects your data, making sure that no one can intercept your messages.


With over 8 million members, our review found that FetLife is a reliable platform to find local Furry dates. Once the registration process is complete, you can browse through profiles and access special features. You can also join various groups where you can meet like-minded people. If you’re seeking trusted dating sites where you can meet furries, you should head over to FetLife.

  • Covers a wide range of kinks and fetishes
  • Thousands of members are always online
  • Free to send messages to other users
  • Dating profiles are highly descriptive

FetLife is among those sites that welcome anyone in Australia whose brain is wired furry. The members of this site have a number of spirit animals and characters. You’ll also find Furries from different walks of life and ethnicities.

FetLife is one of the dating sites that allow you to post nude videos and pictures on your profile. You can add any video formats and delete them anytime you want.

What’s more? FetLife lets you explore your desires without compromising your privacy.


Our review discovered that Alt.com is among the leading sites for sexually adventurous furries in Australia. The platform is filled with couples, swingers, and singles with different types of kinky fetishes. If you are interested in meeting Furries for exciting casual encounters, then Alt.com got you covered.

  • The site accepts all types of relationships
  • Provides a wide range of communication channels
  • Allows you to view and post live streams
  • Free to join chat rooms, upload photos, and search for matches

The Alt.com dating community is all about exploring their sexuality in various erotic ways. You can sign up with this site as a group, couple, woman, or man. Users can even include details about their circumcision and endowment length on their profile if they want.

Whatever your sexual fantasy, Alt.com is designed to make your dreams come true. You can even customise your kinks and search for a Furry with similar preference and interests.

Best of all, Alt.com protects your privacy while you’re using the platform. They also use security measures to safeguard your personal information.

Furry dating definition

Furry dating is all about connecting people who have a keen interest in anthropomorphic animal characters with human attributes and personalities. While not all are seeking a partner who is into furrydom, the majority of flurries want someone who understands them.

Furries’ personalised animal identity is their fursona – a blend of persona and furry. While all animals can be fursona, the common ones are red and grey fox, domestic cat, and dog. Some furries have fursuits, and most of them love cartoons and anime.

How Furry dating work in AU

  • Never share your phone number, address, or full name at the first contact
  • Choose a time and place where you’ll meet your date – make sure it’s convenient for you
  • Use an app that can track your location
  • Tell your friend all the details about your date
  • Don’t meet at your workplace or house
  • Find a public place to meet up
  • Do a little digging about your date to learn more about them
  • Limit alcohol consumption

Trust your gut: If something does not feel right, then it probably is not.

How to choose a reputable Furry dating site that accepts Australians

Choosing the right site is crucial when looking for furries. Stick to websites that have a good reputation. DatingReviews test and review fury dating sites. You can check our website to find out trustworthy platforms to join.

Make sure the dating website you pick caters to the Furry community. Choose sites that protect your data and don’t share your information with third parties.

Many dating platforms offer a free subscription. You can take advantage of this to learn more about a site and if it’s right for you.

Tips to increase your chances of successfully dating Aussie Furries online

Your online profile plays an important role when it comes to finding a furry lover online. As such, you need to create an enticing dating profile an attractive photo of yourself. By creating a profile that stands out, you will increase your chances of finding a compatible partner.

Make sure you clearly show your character traits and what type of Furry you’re seeking. Doing this will ensure that you’ll attract the right partner. You should be yourself and straight to the point about what type of relationship you’re seeking. You’ll find someone who likes you for who you’re.

When you find a furry who you fancy, contact them and say something interesting to break the ice. Having fandom as a built-in interest is also a great way to break the ice. You can also contact furries with other similar interests and preferences as yours.

Why are Furry dating sites worth it?

Furries want to be appreciated and loved the way they are. Finding someone who respects your character and beliefs can be difficult in the real world. Dating sites have made things easier as they provide furries with a safe platform where they can connect without experiencing discrimination.

Furry dating sites help Australians to find fursonas nearby. They also help them to make their dreams come true; they allow them to meet dates with similar fursonas character attributes and traits.

These dating platforms are convenient because joining them is a walk in the park and allow you to find furries on the go. You can connect with other furries from anywhere and at any time.

Lastly, these dating websites give shy people the confidence to flirt with hot locals and open up to others. It’s easier for shy furries to start a conversation online than offline.

Ready to meet your Furry lover?

If you’re searching for a Furry partner in Australia, then these are the best picks from our reviewers. You can now flirt and chat with local people who understand your passion.

To start meeting furries who live in your area, visit one of these dating sites and register an account