It is not hard to meet open couples, polyamorous couples, and couples interested in threesome action in today’s world. As for alternative relationships, swinging is surely among the most popular choices. These days, swinging is not considered as taboo as it was in the past, and it is easier to find a partner by joining open-minded communities online and offline. And is here to help you identify the best platforms supporting swinging lifestyles in AU. Our experts analyze those popular swingers’ sites and give you an honest opinion to join the best platform. Dating gets so much easier when you know your specific needs and which sites would help you achieve your goal. Let us help you with unbiased reviews.


A cool hookup site for people interested in swingers dating in Australia, UberHorny comes with several basic and premium features. It makes things exciting and interesting by letting you play “Who’s Cute Game,” where you will have to vote for up to 50 profiles daily.

To keep you entertained, they have a special feature called “Who is Streaming” that lets you find out more about live streams from sexy members. And if you are more into the swiping thing, you can find a “Swipe Game” to play on this site as well.

You can use many free contacting features to get you noticed, but you can view profiles only with an upgraded account. To get a feel for it, you can try a 2-day premium membership. Going for an extended membership is also a good idea considering the site offers a 3-month guarantee.


With easy registration, a simple navigation structure, and a large database of swinging couples and singles, the site has everything to keep you happy and satisfied. Most of its features are available for free, which sets it apart from many other platforms. In fact, you can try a separate group chat room without having to pay anything at all. 

The search filters are quite impressive and help you find relevant matches quickly. You can find people near you referring to the location tag with every profile. Most profiles have photos because they are moderated for authenticity. Special features like “Dogging” are interesting and let you find out about outdoor exhibitionism. There is also a section to share your stories and talk about your exciting dogging/swinging escapades.


Launched in 2001, it is old enough to know what swingers in Australia want for a satisfying experience. It relies on the basic principle that nudity represents simplicity, and there is nothing wrong with being a naturist. The platform brings you close to others who practice nudism and are interested in swinging and open relationships.

While you can spend quality time exploring hundreds of nude photos on this site, you would not find any hardcore pornographic material. It shows that it still has its focus on connecting like-minded people for dating and friendship. By joining the site, you can also get certified as a nudist, as it lets you print a document at home. After printing, there will be a “Certified Nudist” logo appearing on your profile.


Dating for swingers works amazingly well on this site, especially if you want to enjoy a bit of eroticism while looking for a partner. It is one of the oldest platforms supporting the swinging lifestyle. The members are very active here and are always ready to interact with new singles. By joining the site, you will get to know many swinger clubs nationwide and find out about swinging events planned in different cities.

Search features are quite impressive here, but messaging is a premium feature only. You can try other ways to improve chances of success, like you can try the “Hot Date” feature that tells other members when you are free and ready to meet someone in town. You can also benefit from the “Topless Travel” agency to add more spice to your life by exploring swingers’ destinations.

How Do You Benefit from Swingers Dating?

Swingers can be couples or singles who do not mind enjoying open relationships in which they let their partners get intimate with other people. It takes place with the consent of all parties involved in the act. 

Couples interested in swingers dating are free to define their boundaries and rules. The good part is that you can join online sites to your benefit. And it is never tricky to use those platforms. Here is how everything works online:

  • You find a site for swingers and create an account using your basic details.
  • You verify your email ID and confirm you are ready to use the site.
  • You confirm and go straight to the search page, where you can use filters.
  • You receive daily matches and suggestions, depending on the site you select.
  • You connect with those individuals through live chat and instant messaging.
  • You get to know each other better and take the next step to meet in person.

How Do You Find the Best Swingers Dating Site in Australia?

With so many swinging sites in Australia, picking one is going to be confusing and demands serious legwork. Unless you are willing to conduct some research, you might end up wasting your precious time and money. Ideally, you should be on such swingers dating sites where they offer a free trial, no matter how short it is. It gives you a better idea about those features you receive when you eventually upgrade your account. Even if you cannot find a free trial, you should at least be getting a paid trial for at least 3 days to decide if the site has what it takes to simplify swingers dating for you.

Considering the diversity in their customer base is also important. Who on their site is, and from which country would have an impact on your overall dating experience. Sometimes, you are interested in Australian swinging only, but it is not uncommon to stretch your boundaries and find couples living far from you. Therefore, the site needs to have the potential to deliver exactly what you desire.

If it feels tricky to do all the work, a better alternative is to simply join us and check some of the most comprehensive and carefully crafted reviews of swingers’ sites. Even a quick read would put you in a better position to choose the right dating platform for you.

Few Interesting Tips for Successful Swingers Dating in Australia

Deciding you need to taste swingers dating is one thing but embracing the swinging lifestyle successfully requires more skills and understanding. Remember these tips to enjoy it more:

  • Always be ready to try new things but be honest about your personal limits. Not everyone is ready or capable of participating in a gangbang event or orgy. Do not keep it inside – say it if you are uncomfortable.
  • Never judge others in a group for their kinks or fetishes. You cannot enjoy a swinging lifestyle if you do not understand the importance of mutual respect.
  • Never assume anything about your partner, and always ask for consent before trying anything.
  • Learn everything about practicing safe sex and avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Staying careful would help keep sexually transmitted diseases at bay.

Above all, you should understand that your primary relationship or marriage should always be your priority. If your partner suddenly realizes they are not very comfortable with these encounters, respect their opinions, communicate, and then make a decision.

What Makes Online Dating a Tad Difficult for Swingers?

Using an online dating site is a much better option than hitting bars or other places to find someone interested in swapping or open relationships. Still, choosing the right dating site can be tricky, making online dating for swingers a bit challenging.

Even if you have managed to find a site, you may still experience certain hurdles. For instance, jealousy can make online dating tedious for all parties involved. It may be a bit difficult to explain how you differentiate between love and sex over the internet. Webcams are great and add to the fun factor, but there is also a risk of running into internet trolls. 

Above all, you may end up meeting someone you already know, which can put you in an awkward situation. Thankfully, our reviews would help you pick sites where you can search anonymously and overcome most of the issues associated with swingers dating online.

What Makes Swingers Dating Sites and App Popular?

Despite having certain issues, there is a constant rise in the popularity of swingers dating online. That is mainly because those platforms help you start and proceed at your own pace. You do not need to engage in a full-blown affair right off the bat. You can interact with different partners, discuss your expectations, and then call the shots. You can find so many married swingers on these sites, and they say this experience helps them have a healthier marriage. 

When on these dating sites, the physical side of your relationship always stays exciting. Above all, interacting with others through online platforms improves your communication skills and helps you have a better emotional understanding of what your partner needs. Do not overlook the fact that these sites can help you with all types of swinging relationships, including partner swapping, wife sharing, threesomes, soft swinging, and orgies. 

Finding Love through a Swinging Lifestyle

It all boils down to the fact that though online swingers dating may have its challenges, it is still far better than searching for a swinging partner in real life. By joining the right sites, you can put yourself out there and meet people who are curious to explore new sexual orientations and practices. Not only can you deepen your sexual knowledge, but you can also find both couples and singles willing to try open relationships. Just do not forget to put your money on the right site, and DatingReviews will be your partner in finding the best platform to meet swingers in AU.