Situated to the far west of AU, Perth is the nation’s fourth-largest metropolis, representing a thriving cosmopolitan hub with a hot singles scene. We’ve highlighted five of the most promising sites you’ll come across if you’re eager to get acquainted with potential partners for fun and casual get-togethers. Of course, nothing is carved in stone, so if you get the impression that any of these romances could progress to something more substantial, then we only have one word of advice for you. Go for it! That’s three words! Well, we’re sure you get the picture.

The top 5 Perth dating sites

There are actually lots of quality platforms for everyone. While some of the websites mentioned down below provide traditional dating experience, others offer casual hook-ups to people that aren’t interested in long-term relationships.


Once you become acquainted with the other site users on BeNaughty, you will find it hard to resist the urge to keep returning to your dating account to check for new messages. So many charming local singles have already uploaded their details to the webpages of this site that you will find yourself spoiled for choice. The website provides a secure communication platform where you can introduce yourself and quickly get acquainted with a variety of sexy singles, coming in all shapes and sizes.


You will find the Together2Night experience is always memorable. This site can provide you with a host of dating subjects for your approval, and once you have gone through the straightforward application process you can commence connecting with local singles from your part of Melbourne. Remember, all the charming West Australian single females who have already provided the site with their background details have done so because they are keen to commit. Whether they are searching for a one-night-stand in Perth, or they are eager to come across someone who might turn out to be a soulmate, there will be somebody here who is perfect for you.


NaughtyDate is a recommended website if you are keen to connect with like-minded singles for crazy nights out in Perth, and steamy nights in. The ethos of this site is for life to be lived to the full, and love lives to be enjoyed to an even greater extent! So many charming singles are waiting to connect with you in this sensual environment that you will be spoiled for choice once you beginning sifting through the personals.


I am naughty prides itself in providing the perfect matching system for its members. Whatever is driving you to connect with singles from this part of West Australia, the site will put you in touch with someone who will be on your wavelength. Your quest for romance can commence with the details you input at your application stage. Whatever information you specify in terms of the type of partner you are seeking will be taken on board, then compared with the wishlist that has been submitted by a cross-section of other site users.

Check out some free dating sites in Perth

The good thing about finding singles in Perth for casual romance is that there will always be a lot of choices at your disposal. The local females who are eager to commit to this type of relationship can easily be tracked down once you become familiar with the other site users who have committed to any of the sites we have covered here. Whether you are instinctively drawn to BeNaughty or Together2night, or any of the others, you are bound to get an impression of which one would be most appropriate for your aspirations.

Dating in Perth – always fun and exciting

Perth is a fantastic city for singles. Although it looks isolated on any map, this vibrant hub has many social activities that make it a popular romantic hotspot. All you have to do is check out the options available to you once you have signed up to become a member of any of the aforementioned dating outlets.

How to choose the best dating site in Perth?

It would be difficult to recommend any of the sites we have covered here over any of the others. They all have excellent qualities in their own right, so perhaps the only way of determining the one that would be most suitable would be to take advantage of the free registration offers. Only by becoming acquainted with the individual functionality of each site, and the range of singles who have already uploaded their details, will you become acquainted with which would be most apt.

Choosing partners via Perth dating sites and

Online dating has become one of the hottest leisure pursuits in Western Australia. To save you wasting too much time looking into a cross-section of potential matchmaking sites, we’ve decided to make it so much easier for you by relying on the review services of

Take advantage of tantalizing Perth dating ideas

  • Go for a romantic stroll around Kings Park and Botanic Garden. As well as stunning scenery, there are so many wonderfully atmospheric setting where you can set up a barbeque.
  • Grab ice creams by Elizabeth Quay on the shore. There are many cafes and restaurants to investigate, not to mention shopping centers if you require some retail therapy. After you have enjoyed these sumptuous feasts, there are ample opportunities for romantic strolls along the Perth coastline, watching the waves curling in from the Indian Ocean.
  • Alabama Song is the Perth venue to go to if the thought of mouth-watering whisky sampling is appealing to you. What better way to relax and get to know your new partner than savoring some of the amber nectar.
  • Air nightclub is the place to be if you and your other half feel like throwing some shapes in stylish surroundings. The DJs are always ready to spin enthralling vibes for the packed dancefloor.
  • Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. Keep an eye out for tours into the nearby outback where you can take snaps of the fascinating indigenous wildlife.

What to know about singles dating in Perth

There are many bars and clubs in Perth known to be frequented by local singles looking for a good time. But we would recommend you make the most of the opportunities presented by online dating sites such as Together2Night or BeNaughty. Introduce yourself to Perth singles and start planning your ideal get-together.

Meet singles in Perth today

So many Perth singles are gravitating to virtual matchmaking that this is by far your optimum method for getting acquainted with prospective partners. Sign up to any (or all!) of the five sites we’ve mentioned, and embark on your quest to uncover romance.