Welcome to our selection of the best 50+ dating sites you will come across in this part of the southern hemisphere. If you have ever come across that ridiculous stereotype that once people reach a certain age they begin to lose interest in love and romance, all the web outlets referred to here will place those ridiculous preconceptions in their proper perspective. We have chosen to review a selection of the most recommended dating outlets aimed at senior singles. No matter what type of mature relationship you are seeking, whether you favour casual 50+ relationships or something longer term, we will find something perfect for you.


WantMatures is one of the best dating sites for 50+. It will give you access to everything you could require when it comes to dating senior singles in Australia. There are all sorts of fantastic subheadings available to you when you browse to the foot of the homepage. If you have ever considered yourself to be a little shy or awkward when it comes to interacting with other singles on sites, entering the mature chat rooms here will boot you with confidence when interacting with the other site users. If you have ever heard that adage that life begins at 40, this website will provide you with all the proof of how apt that saying is.


FlirtyMature is one of the more recent senior sites on the block. But this doesn’t mean that it is any less compelling for younger guys hoping to connect with older females, and vice versa. There are fewer subheadings at the foot of the homepage than the previously reviewed site, but they will still provide you with ample scope for getting familiar with other senior singles, whether you aim to be dating British cougars, those based in the US, or Australian vixens.


BeNaughty is the perfect cougar dating resource for young Australian guys hoping to get to know vibrant and sensual older women for romance. When it comes to dating for 50+ singles, this is one of the sites that provides a relaxing environment where members can reach out and get to know each other better, safe in the knowledge that whatever messages they exchange in the private communication channel will always be guarded in secrecy. This allows anyone with inhibitions to discover their inner flirt and begin swapping suggestive texts with the cougar of their choice. If you would like to spread your wings and introduce yourself to older singles in European countries or North America, as well as Australia, then you have come to the right place.


The first aspect of QuickFlirt you will realize is how incredibly well-designed it is compared to some sites. From the moment you alight on the homepage, you will be presented with a series of options, depending on the country you happen to have the most interest in. There is a drop-down menu in the top bar that will take you straight to Australia 50+ dating. A registration form then invites you to specify the gender of the person you are eager to connect with.

How does 50+ dating work?

Over 50 matchmaking sites work on the same principle as any other type of dating. The prime function of any of the above-mentioned resources is to provide members with a platform where they can interact with compatible individuals, finding out all about their background interests, and determining who would be the best person to connect with. If you happen to be searching for somebody who is over 50, you will be given ample scope to interact with suitable candidates by choosing any of the reviewed sites, or by branching out to search for other possibilities.

How to choose the best 50+ dating site in Australia?

If you want to know the best way of choosing an over-50s dating site, you have two options at your disposal. On the one hand, you could take the shortcut and pop ‘best 50+ dating sites’ into the search engine of your choice. The only trouble with this is that mature matching has become such a popular aspect of dating you are likely to be inundated with search results. A better alternative would be to take advice from any of the reviews we have presented to you here. All the 50+ dating sites recommended are perfect for older singles to form relationships.

Pros and Cons of Dating a 50+


• People who are over 50 have a lot of experience in life and are willing to share this with others.

• Over 50s are likely to have built considerable wealth during their extensive careers and will be only too willing to spoil any younger partners.


• People who have reached the age of 50 will inevitably have accumulated a degree of baggage in their lives, whether that’s ex-partners or family commitments. The only thing to be aware of is that this mature person you are going to be dating will have certain priorities.

Online Dating Advice for 50+s

When you are reaching out to get to know older singles, it is important to apply the same principles you would with any other dating outlet. Putting together your dating profile should be a case of selecting the most pertinent information, highlighting your exciting and interesting points. Remember, 50+ dating is just as competitive as any other aspect of online matchmaking so you will need to stand out from the crowd. Pick a profile photograph that shows you in your best light. Rather than just selecting a random selfie from your social media platforms, be a little discerning with the image you present to the outside world. Arrange for a good HD image to be uploaded, showing you giving one of your warmest smiles.

50+ dating stereotypes

The biggest stereotype that exists about people reaching the age of 50 is that they lack the enthusiasm or passion for activities enjoyed by people much younger. This is complete nonsense. Senior singles in AU have just as strong an appetite for life as much younger individuals. This will quickly become apparent once you begin interacting with the 50+ singles you come across in any of the aforementioned dating outlets.

Finding Your 50+ Love Online

The quickest way to find your 50+ partner is to have a fixed idea of the type of outcome you’re looking for when you begin interacting with the other site users on any of these sites. This will allow you to sift out prospective partners who are seeking different outcomes. As long as you have a definite idea of the type of person you are eager to connect with it will become so much easier to find compatible singles. One of the truest adages you will ever hear is that age is just a number. Just because you have chosen to interact on a 50+ dating site is no reason to expect anything other than total success with your endeavours.